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spray paint on canvas | 61cm x 61cm 

Modern Tapestry is a four-layer stencil of an Aboriginal woman in historical clothing, with the popping colours and geometric patterns of our more modern time. The irony of her simple dress and gloomy demeanour against bright and cheery colours is intended. This juxtaposition is also meant to signify the progress the Australian community has made in the treatment of indigenous Australians, as well as remind us we still have a way to go to achieve equality. 

Hello...I Am linke

A STENCIL artist from Melbourne

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linke is an Indigenous stencil artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her style – Popping colours + global inspirations | Contemporary twist on Indigenous art.

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  • Pay what you feel for NAIDOC week
    Pay what you feel for NAIDOC week

    During NAIDOC Week linke is showing at not-for-profit vegetarian restaurant Lentil as Anything at the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne. linke is embracing the Lentil mantra of pay what you feel for her artwork.